They who wear the crown bear the crown.
Mochi/Min, either nickname is fine!
Everlasting Friend ♡

Congrats to everyone who was hating on Sungmin, you made him cry. You made him cry because he loves someone. You made a human being, who is almost 30 years old, cry because he has feelings for someone. You call yourselves an ‘ELF’. ELF my ass. It’s okay if you are sad, but fuck man, making someone to apologize for loving another person is NOT OKAY. NOT OKAY.

Super Junior’s greetings for Lotte Duty Free.

"No one is useless in Super Junior. Every member has important role in the group. Super Junior is like a rainbow, every color makes it beautiful.”



minhaesiheehyuk sandwich (?)


lee donghae → 69/100.



When boys crossdress in Kpop

Normal groups: do we really have to do this?
Super Junior: fights over the only padded bra, because everyone wants to wear it

Victorious Kyu - Mamacita4thWin


always love the way he tried to make donghae smile again

when Chul thought Hae was videoing him

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